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Helping and supporting people around the world

We see Ottobock not just as a company, but also as an active member of society. That is why doing our part to ensure sustainable development.


Commitment of the Näder family

Professor Hans Georg Näder and his daughters Julia and Georgia Näder place great emphasis on fulfilling their responsibility to employees, customers and users. They carry on the philosophy of company founder Otto Bock to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and to enable them to live independently on a daily basis.

Paralympic Games

Our engagement to sports

Ottobock has been supporting Paralympic sports for over three decades. We are a loyal partner to the athletes and provide them with our services free of charge. Our passion for the Paralympics is an inherent part of our company’s DNA. We are proud to be able to support so many athletes with disabilities. In keeping with our motto “Passion for Paralympics”, we do everything we can for their mobility.

paralympics-technical-team-ottobock (CRP)
The technicians in the Ottobock team have a broad spectrum of skills and speak a wide range of languages.
Passion for Paralympics

Running Clinics

Taking those first steps with a sports prosthesis, aiming to run a new personal best or simply racing with the kids again – everyone has their own reasons for participating in an Ottobock Running Clinic.

paralympics-running-training-ottobock (CRP)
We want to give people with limited mobility the opportunity to experience our passion for sports.
Ottobock Cares

We are providing help in the coronavirus pandemic with our worldwide clinical network

The treatment situation has become even more acute since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. People with disabilities in particular are impacted by its effects, since essential procedures are not carried out or get postponed, extending their stay in hospital and increasing their dependence on care staff.

In a position paper published by the GHA (German Health Alliance), we highlighted the importance of supplying devices during the coronavirus pandemic and spoke up for making devices part of universal healthcare and including service providers at the international level in support measures for healthcare professionals. To this end, we work with international partners to improve treatment with prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs on site. For example, we contribute to research projects set up by the WHO through our worldwide clinical network in order to develop appropriate measures for this purpose.

Durchfuehrung Corona-Test am Standort Berlin

Another tool for more safety at work

Trained staff carries out coronavirus tests for all employees providing services requiring close physical proximity. Beyond that, other employees who are not working from home can get tested at least once a week.


Delivery of the Calistairs to all schools and day-care centres in Duderstadt

All 36 schools and day-care facilities within the Duderstadt city limits were equipped with the 162 air purification units on time at the start of 2021, with the help of the Duderstadt2030 urban development initiative.

100 Visiere an die UMG

Donation to the Göttingen University Hospital (UMG)

In 2021, Klara-Maria Brennecke, orthopaedic technology mechanic at Ottobock, presented 100 plastic visors for contact minimisation to Dr Markus Roessler and Daniela Kürschner.

Spende Texas

10,000 dollars for the Central Texas Food Bank's "Mobile Larder"

Professor Näder’s donation was doubled by two local family foundations in Austin, which made it possible to finance 80,000 meals. The aid organisation distributes food to people in need in Texas.

Spendenuebergabe Blagoevgrad

Medical equipment for the city hospital in Blagoevgrad

Ottobock upgrades medical equipment in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria: Five respirators, door openers and face masks will help provide intensive care services at the Blagoevgrad city hospital.

Spende Wuhan Gruppe

Financial support for employees at the Patient Care clinic in Wuhan

Work at the Ottobock Patient Care clinic in Wuhan had to stop for 12 weeks during the lockdown in 2020. Employees had to accept high financial losses during this period. Ottobock financially supported the colleagues concerned.

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Additional topics

Additional topics

Eine Frau mit der Beinorthese C-Brace steht auf einer Leiter und schneidet Äste an einem Baum
Our sustainability focus topics

Strategy and objectives as a basis for action

Eight focus topics are of paramount importance for Ottobock and our internal as well as external stakeholders. They form the basis for the management of our sustainability activities.

Our sustainability strategy

Responsibility is our foundation

As a member of the UN Global Compact, we are committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and have integrated them into our sustainability strategy.

Our sustainability reporting

Creating transparency

Read how we intend to continuously improve the sustainability performance of Ottobock, and how we make it measurable in the context of ESG performance indicators.

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