Values & Culture

People first

Our mission

Mobility for people

For 100 years, people have come first in everything we do. We work hard every day to improve the quality of life of our patients and users, and to enable them to live independent daily lives.

For us, quality of life is closely linked to personal freedom and independence. That’s why we help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. To achieve this goal now and in the future, we focus on innovation and outstanding technology, combined with a holistic approach and global activities. We try to see the world through the eyes of our users and customers, and we pursue this aim with respect, courage and commitment.

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Independence and quality of life are the essence of our brand.
Our values, our culture

This is what drives us

Human, reliable, inventive, smart – these are Ottobock’s company values. They form the basis of our day-to-day work in the company. Our values drive us.

We are human.

Ottobock is human and accessible. We attach great importance to personal relationships based on trust, and are sustainable, responsible and transparent in everything we do.

Close to people – close to life

  • Personal relationships: In our interactions, we treat the people who use our products as partners. We’re in contact with them every day so we can learn about their concerns, needs and interests. This creates a basis of mutual trust, which is essential for the time we share during treatment.

  • The joy of helping: We help people with limited mobility and want to encourage them and boost their self-confidence. We appreciate individual diversity and see limited mobility as a challenge to overcome barriers.

  • Honest stories: Authenticity is essential to us. That’s why we let people speak for us – they openly share their experiences with our products and services.

  • Commitment to society and sports: Our involvement in society extends from the Paralympic Games to regional projects, to advancing orthopaedic technology. Our goal is to put people with disabilities in the centre of society, dismantle fears and misconceptions and break down barriers.


Social responsibility

Help for those in need

The Ottobock Global Foundation is dedicated to relieving human suffering after national and international disasters. It provides people in need with devices that help them regain an element of normality and quality of life. The primary focus of the foundation is to provide treatment to traumatised children and adolescents in the form of prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs.

A strong partner

We are reliable

Our focus is on reliability and mutual trust. This is paramount for us. We’re always there to assist our patients and partners. We attach great importance to working together to develop solutions and strategies which help people to master the complex challenges of everyday life and prepare them for the future.

  • Quality management: Our quality management standards meet the highest requirements. Specific test methods show that our long-lasting products offer quantifiable advantages.

  • Responsible action: Assuming responsibility is the basis for our actions. We actively and effectively make decisions to achieve sustainable growth. Economic success and social involvement go hand in hand here. We are also committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • We stay on course: Since our founding in 1919, we have stood for dynamic growth. Ottobock is active around the globe. Economic success and responsible actions go hand in hand at Ottobock.

  • Passion and pride: Our engaged employees are proud to work for Ottobock – and some families do so across generations. We help people improve their quality of life with our products and services.

  • Partnership: Employees from various fields work together at our company. We value their skills and rely on our team spirit. The same also applies for our collaboration in networks.

Having Ottobock join the UN Global Compact was a conscious decision. Making our activities sustainable is up to us – with the ten principles as the basis. Taking responsibility is the only way we can give coming generations a future.

Prof. Hans Georg Näder, Inhaber
Prof Hans Georg Naeder
Our principles

We are Ottobock

Solidarity, strength, development, courage, adaptability and a sense of responsibility: Our principles guide our actions. They build on our company values and provide us with fundamental orientation for leadership and cooperation around the world.


Play to win – with the courage to succeed

We are driven by innate enthusiasm and a quest for quality. We make courageous decisions but keep a keen eye on risks. We foster innovative talent. We approach our respective fields of responsibility with an entrepreneurial spirit. Why? Because we can. And because it’s fun.

We make successful collaboration happen

Constructive, productive teamwork needs space – space for development, culture, safety and health. That is why continuous lifelong learning, occupational health and safety and environmental protection are just as much part of our self-image at Ottobock as health and travel safety measures. Our goal is to always support and encourage our employees, thereby generating added value for our customers and users.


Additional topics

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Research and development

Innovations for people

We have been conducting research for our users, patients and customers for more than 100 years – and setting new standards in medical technology with our intelligent solutions.

We have been conducting research for our users, patients and customers for more than 100 years – and setting new standards in medical technology with our intelligent solutions.


Sharing technical expertise

We make our contribution to training, continuing education and improving the quality of treatment.

We make our contribution to training, continuing education and improving the quality of treatment.

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