Innovation through technology


Research and development

We are inventive

The technical disruption of a startup meets solid values: Ottobock is developing new fields such as neurorehabilitation and quantum sensor technology with research partners around the world. In doing so, we not only want to meet standards in orthopaedic technology, we want to think ahead.

Numerous clinical studies and patents underpin the technological successes of our global network of researchers and developers for innovations in the fields of prostheses, exoskeletons, orthoses and wheelchairs.

A tradition of progress

Each new product draws on our many decades of experience. As a result, we don’t see progress and tradition as a contradiction in terms, but rather as a single, progressive whole. Over the years, we have learned that humans must always remain the ultimate benchmark in our research and development. After all, we measure the quality of our products by the benefits they offer people.

Image Myo Plus Dynamic Arm User Stefan

High tech

Our research and development is integrated in an international network of our own sites and scientific institutions.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

The technical expertise and social skills of our employees and partners have a direct impact on the treatment our users receive. They coordinate their work so we can achieve the best results for people.

A cutting-edge reputation

We put our products and company services to the test in international competitions involving a wide range of industries. The awards our company receives show us that we’re on the right path.

Space for ideas

The Ottobock Future Lab on the Bötzow site is an interface to the capital’s creative scene. This is where we’re building our digital future.

Digital transformation of an industry

The future of orthopaedic technology

We shape the future and drive the digital transformation – from high-tech manufacturing technology to digital treatment processes to smart sensors and the use of artificial intelligence. The needs of our users, patients and customers drive everything we do.

„Wearable Human Bionics“

Biology inspires technology

The analysis of human movement patterns delivers insights into nature, which we seek to replicate as closely as possible with bionic solutions. Wearable human bionics are wearable technology inspired by the human body. Artificial intelligence helps to make movements with prostheses more natural. However, the goal is not to produce a rigid copy of biological structures. Instead, we apply the principles to the technology so we can reproduce functions to the greatest extent possible.

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Exoskeletons that keep the body healthy for a long time even when it’s working hard.

3D printing in iFab

A revolution in patient fittings

iFab (individual fabrication) digitalises the entire fitting and manufacturing process. This makes it possible to produce custom orthoses and prostheses quickly – freeing up more time for the fitting. Sources of errors are also minimised, as the processed data can be tested in a computer simulation and transferred directly to the milling machine and 3D printer.

Image MYCRO Band cranial helmet
Space for ideas

Digitally networked

The Bötzow site in Berlin is Ottobock’s “space for ideas”. Among other things, the Future Lab is developing a digital ecosystem and the networked Patient Care clinic of the future. The aim is to help patients get treatment faster and more easily, make prostheses more customised and connect people via various platforms.

3d printed prothesis - user beytullah