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211029 Ottobock HR Stock8949
211029 Ottobock HR Stock8949
211029 Ottobock HR Stock8949
Sales, Marketing & IT

Nora, Customer Service Bionic Exoskeletons

Nora grew up in a small town near Duderstadt and grew up with Ottobock. She completed a dual study program at Ottobock directly after school and got to know many departments and a large part of the Ottobock world during this time. Today, Nora works in Customer Service in the Bionic Exoskeleton team and is responsible for everything that happens in contact with our customers: from the first contact to invoicing. What Nora likes about her job is the interaction with her colleagues and the customers and the fact that she carries out projects on her own responsibility, where she can always try out new things.

DSC5706 2 Nora

Fernando, After Sales Coordinator Bionic Exoskeletons

Fernando lives and works in Duderstadt. After a year abroad, he decided to join Ottobock and now works as an after-sales coordinator in the Bionic Exoskeletons division. One of his tasks is to develop service concepts - for example, for the Paexo Back. This is a product that relieves pressure on the lower back and is used, for example, by employees in logistics. Fernando's responsibilities also include the coordination of processes and the organization of certification days. He is always thrilled when customers try out the Paexo products for the first time and the corners of their mouths go up because they are so surprised by the enormous relief.

DSC5795 2 Fernando

Yulia, Computer System Validierungsmanager

Yulia is a Computer System Validation Manager in Ottobock's Global IT Team. With her daily work, she ensures that the computer systems in the company comply with all regulatory requirements. Specifically, Yulia supports different departments and project teams in validation projects or in the creation of documentation.

Yulia Zhukova
Operations & Logistics

Our colleagues from Operations and Logistics talk about their daily work, exciting projects and the cooperative work within Team Ottobock.

Dionys, Head of Production Socket Technologies

Anja, Textile and Fashion Sewer

Matthias, Head of Production Planning

Daniel, Custom fabrication planner

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CPOs & Global Academy

Get to know our colleagues from Patient Care and Global Academy.

Esther, Head of Therapy and Training

Frederik, Orthopedic technician in the Global Academy

Marlen, Orthopedic Technician

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Research & Development

Meike and Christian give insights into their work in the Research and Development team.

Christian, Software Developer

Meike, Engineering Lead

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Apprentices & Dual Students

Get to know our apprentices and dual students.

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