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Together we drive diversity and innovation. Our collaboration is based on respect, equality and empowerment by advancing all women at Ottobock, regardless of their position or area of expertise. Meet inspiring women and join our team!

„Live isn’t about losing a limb!“

Zainab Al Eqabi - employee, user & influencer

Zainab Al Eqabi is Marketing & Social Media Manager at Otto Bock Middle East. She is not only an Ottobock employee – she is also a user. And she’s an Instagram influencer with 1.7 million followers. An influencer who is a credit to her name. Anyone who meets Zainab can immediately sense her empathy and the love she has for people. Zainab motivates her listeners to change their perspective. She gets people to move past social taboos, she sets people straight, she confronts and she gives people courage. Her own story is not a secret. Born in Iraq, Zainab lost her left leg due to a leftover bomb from the Gulf War when she was seven years old.

Her search for a prosthesis that was appropriate for her led Zainab to Ottobock. Fascinated by the development and quality of the products, Zainab eventually became an ambassador for Ottobock.


International Women's Day

People around the world are celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th, drawing attention to women's rights and equality. This day publicises achievements of the movement and encourages people to get involved in gender equality, also at work. In celebration of International Women's Day, our female employees talk about their careers and leadership by women as well as sharing tips for more self-acceptance.

Working at Ottobock

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  • Internal female network EmpowHERment for networking and inspiration with regular digital sessions

  • Mentoring program for professional development

  • Balancing family and career through variable working hours with flextime and part-time options

  • Mobile working and home office options

  • Advice and support for maternity leave, parental leave and return to work

  • Childcare program for children ages seven and up during the holidays

Our Women's Network


Equality and equal rights for women are key components of our corporate philosophy at Ottobock. We’re convinced that increasing the number of female managers and women in management positions will move our company and society forwards. Georgia Näder, Vice President of Futuring Mediterranee & Business Transition and member of the owner family, and Maria Keller, Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, launched the internal network EmpowHERment to support women in the company.

Regular digital sessions offer space to network with each other, to be inspired and to learn from each other. In addition to the existing know-how within the company, the network also benefits from the expertise of external guests. By sharing experiences and challenges, a supportive environment is created in which women grow together in all positions of the company.

Insight into everyday work

Get to know more about Esther from Global Academy

Esther works as Head of Therapy and Training at Ottobock's Global Academy. Find out more about how Esther's daily work contributes to the success of our products and what she does as a physiotherapist and trainer.

Interview with female IT specialists

5 questions to 5 women software developers

Almost everyone in IT knows this tech pioneer: British mathematician Ada Lovelace is considered the world's first computer programmer. In 1843 she developed an algorithm for the precursor of the computer. Lovelace was a rarity in her day. Some 180 years later, there are still just a few women working in the field. A look at the tech departments and computer science courses of this world reveals mostly men at the computers. According to Germany's Bitkom digital association, only one of every seven applicants for IT jobs is a woman. "Women Who Code", a non-profit organisation that aims to bring more women into the well-paid industry, states that they are unnecessarily reluctant to enter the tech world.

For International Women's Day, five female developers at Ottobock talk about their motivations, job highlights and difficulties − and provide valuable tips for newcomers.

Anna Meixner (Vienna)

Position: Developer in Biomechanics & Control; Ruleset (prosthesis control)
Studies: Engineering & Sport technology

What motivated you to become a developer?
I have always been fascinated by the complexity of the human body. But I was even more interested in using technology to increase human performance. That's why I studied sports technology. I would never have imagined that I would be responsible for control devices prostheses as a software developer.

Anna Meixner
Anna Meixner

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... and why working at Ottobock is so special.

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