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O&P professional during a fitting
O&P professional during a fitting
O&P professional during a fitting
O&P at Ottobock

Patient Care in a global company

As a global leader in orthotics and prosthetics (O&P), we are dedicated to human empowerment. We strive to offer our users the best patient care available – technologically, medically, and from one human to another. We are looking for motivated clinical and technical specialists to join the medical teams in our Patient Care network, present in 33 countries. We invest in the potential, expertise and growth of our employees while integrating research, education, leading treatment, and outstanding patient experiences. To come together in pursuing our goal of becoming the world’s most highly esteemed O&P patient care organization.

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What we are proud of

What makes working at Ottobock Patient Care unique.

We believe in

Our collaborative approach to science spearheads the profession-wide innovation of O&P care. Ottobock research contributes to our product development, further helping us advance current practices towards an evidence-based care system.

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4592427CPO knieend vor Anwenderin
What you bring with you

Clinical and Technical Expertise

Your work is guided by empathy and the wish to support and empower your patients? As a Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist, Orthopedic Technician or Physiotherapist in our Ottobock patient care network, you will be part of a motivated team that supports you in focusing your skills and expertise on what is most important: the patient.

Your profile:

  • Whether from a clinical or technical perspective, you are a skilled health professional with extensive medical knowledge and technical skills in orthotics and prosthetics.

    • As clinical staff, this should cover a range of the following requirements: anatomy, hygiene rules, traumatology, neurology, mechanics/biomechanics, as well as clinical examinations and assessments.

    • For technical staff, this requires you to be well-versed in the necessary impression technologies, design software (CAD/CAM/CAM), material properties, molding processes, etc.

  • You prioritize the human relationship: Your approach is unique and tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

  • You are a team player and able to work in close collaboration and follow the advice of your colleagues from other disciplines in patient care.

  • You keep up to date with new procedures and methods to optimize orthopedic devices and techniques, continuously educating yourself on innovations and the use of new tools.

For specific requirements of the different roles, please refer to their respective job postings.

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What to look forward to

What makes working in the Patient Care team unique

  • Optimizing patient care.


    Ottobock is an important player in the digital revolution of the industry. Our patient care staff is working to elevate the technological standard and bring innovation to all our locations.

  • Education initiatives.


    We invest in the growth and cross-functional expertise of our employees through regular trainings and interdisciplinary exchange programs.

  • Pioneering research.


    Our research works outside-in, collaborating with universities and institutions worldwide. We sets the standard that propels the O&P care industry forward.

  • Nurturing diversity.


    We have a strong human empowerment purpose and culture that celebrates and adapts to every employee’s unique needs.

  • A global company.


    Ottobock offers you great international career opportunities in 33 countries and more than 400 patient care centres. Be a part of our family, wherever you go.

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Further benefits

Programs & events

Training and networking opportunities

Ottobock Global Academy

Our initiative to further the education in orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology shares state-of-the-art specialist expertise, aiming to ensure treatment quality and counter the international shortage of skilled workers. The Ottobock Global Academy addresses all experts involved in the patient treatment process, including Ottobock employees worldwide to guarantee they are qualified to advise and support customers and partners.

Ottobock Front Days

We regularly offer some of our Certified Prosthetist & Orthotists from different Patient Care Centres the chance to come and visit our Ottobock headquarters and experience our unique culture, share in the excitement for our joint mission and better understand the brand they work for.

Global CPO community

We provide a space for Certified Prosthetist & Orthotists from around the world to connect with other professionals in the field, where they get to share knowledge, exchange ideas, learn about best practices and support each other through group discussions and activities. It is our goal to create an environment of trust and belonging between our globally spread teams and build and improve their mutual cultural understanding.

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Should you have any questions about your career at Ottobock, please contact our recruiting team: jobs@ottobock.de

During our consultation hours (Tue. 1–2 p.m., Thu. 4–5 p.m.), you can also reach us by phone at +49 5527 8483399.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Learn more about Ottobock as an employer! Get to know our colleagues from different departments and gain an insight into their daily work.

Learn more about Ottobock as an employer! Get to know our colleagues from different departments and gain an insight into their daily work.

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Join our team and apply now! We look forward to hearing from you!

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