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Ottobock ambassadors are as diverse as the brand itself. Our network brings together people from all over the world who have been successful in a wide range of fields. Whether in sports or fashion, they all fill us with pride and reflect the diversity of our products. Get to know the Ottobock family and find out more about our ambassadors.


Outstanding personalities and role models

Zainab Al-Eqabi

“The more that people see my amputation, the more they will stop noticing it.”

Zainab has many talents and advocates for a diverse and inclusive society. She lost her leg aged seven in a bomb explosion in Iraq, but her love of life remained unscathed. Whether as a paralympic athlete, a TV presenter, a disability activist or a catwalk model and influencer, Zainab inspires her fellow humans and gives them renewed courage.

Ottobock brand ambassador Zainab Al-Eqabi with a sports bag in front of a large “Be Inspired” lettering. She is wearing her Ottobock Genium X3 prosthesis.

Hari Budha Magar

“Changing perceptions of people with disabilities is a bigger fight than climbing Everest.”

Hari lost both legs to an explosive device in Afghanistan in 2010. Since then, he has worked passionately to make a positive change to the way people with disabilities are seen in society. He wants to show that a disability does not mean having no say over one’s own life and having to give up on the dream of success. On May 19th 2023 he reached the summit of the Mount Everest as the first double above knee amputee. Hari wants to inspire all people to ‘climb their own mountain’.

John McFall

"I'm grateful to have Ottobock's continued support for this next exciting chapter of my life. For me, this next chapter is about really pushing the boundaries of not just prosthetic solutions, but also people’s perceptions of disability. I hope together we can make meaningful advancements that will benefit humanity."

After a life-changing motorcycle accident at 19, John overcame the loss of his right leg. He became a professional athlete and achieved numerous awards, including a bronze medal in the T42 100m at the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008. He is a medical doctor, and until taking up his new role with the European Space Agency, was working as a Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon in the United Kingdom. He also has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sports and Exercise Science. In November 2022, John was selected to join the European Space Agency’s Astronaut Reserve, undertaking a study to understand, and overcome, the challenges that someone with a disability like John’s might face in order to train for and fly on a long duration mission to the International Space Station. Next stop: Space! 

Para Athlete John McFall

Davide Morana

“Life gave me a second chance and there’s no way I’m letting it get away from me.”

Davide has one mission: to inspire people to make full use of their potential. He knows better than anyone what it means to overcome obstacles on this path. He lost his limbs following a meningitis infection. Paralympic sports helped Davide to fight his way back to life. Today, he uses his platform as a paralympic athlete and motivational speaker to increase awareness of meningitis and improve prevention.

Portrait of Ottobock brand ambassador Davide Morana with a visible prosthetic hand.

Beatrice Vio

“Even if it may seem impossible, it can be done.”

Bebe is the best proof that it is always worth fighting for your own goals, even if they seem unattainable. At the age of eleven, she lost her forearms and lower legs to a meningitis infection. That did not stop her from being the first athlete without arms to fight her way to the top in the world of para-fencing. Her efforts were rewarded with a paralympic gold medal for Italy.

I want to share my experience with as many people as possible, and let them know that sport improves your quality of life. Not despite, but because of my prosthesis. That’s what it’s about, not top-class sport.

Heinrich Popow

Anna Schaffelhuber

“The world belongs to those who dare to try new things.”

With seven Paralympic gold medals, eleven World Championship titles, six overall World Cup victories and 67 single World Cup victories under her belt, Anna Schaffelhuber announced the end of her career as a monoski champion in November 2019. Fortunately, she is staying on as one of our ambassadors. As well as being a teacher, she also advocates for the major topic of inclusion and the encouragement of young people.

Martin Braxenthaler

“Day-to-day mobility is the prerequisite for deciding how to life your own life. Its quality is enhanced by outdoor sport and mobility.”

At 22, Martin Braxenthaler suffered a spinal fracture from an accident, resulting in paraplegia. Just one year and many intensive rehab units later, he discovered monoski. Thus began an unparalleled career as a professional athlete. With ten paralympic gold medals and numerous other titles, Martin became one of the most successful German athletes of all time.

Ottobock brand ambassador and sports legend Martin Braxenthaler on his monoski.

Ottobock athletes

Ottobock works with athletes worldwide who share our passion for paralympic sport. As ambassadors, they motivate people with disabilities to lead an active life. Regardless of their performance level, they provide support for the full range of paralympic sports.

Three Paralympic athletes. One of them is Leon Schäfer and he wears an Ottobock prosthesis.

How to become an Ottobock brand ambassador

If you want to become an official part of the global Ottobock family too, apply now and tell us more about yourself. What qualifies you in particular to represent Ottobock as a global brand ambassador? What talent do you use to motivate people to be active and take their lives into their own hands?

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