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People in Need – Help for Earthquake Victims

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On February 6, devastating earthquakes struck the border area between Turkey and Syria, followed by further aftershocks. Already, there are more than 47,000 fatalities. The number of injured is not yet foreseeable. Countless children have lost family members and are injured.

We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe: there is a lack of clean water, sanitation, food and safe shelter. Hospitals report a large number of amputations that need to be treated.

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With “People in Need - Help for Earthquake Victims”, the Ottobock Global Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign to support the development of a medical technology infrastructure on site.

In order to be able to provide patients with prostheses and orthoses in a professional manner, the medical technology company Ottobock is equipping several containers as mobile orthopaedic workshops and sending them to the Turkish crisis region.

For five years now, the Ottobock Global Foundation has been represented with a workshop in Gaziantep in the Turkish-Syrian border region to provide care for Syrian refugees. A container of this type has also been in use in Lviv, Ukraine, since last year.

Image Help for Earthquake Victims

Together with our partners in the region, we are helping directly on the ground. Our goal is to give hope and a bit of quality of life back to the people in the crisis area.

Prof. Hans Georg Näder, Initiator of the Ottobock Global Foundation

News & Updates

Image Donation Ada Mikyas (Earthquakes): Transporter
Friday, 24 March 2023

3.500 kilometres on its own axis

Ottobock employee Ada Mikyas provides emergency aid for earthquake victims

Image Interview Ömer Deveci (Earthquakes): children's room
Monday, 13 March 2023

“We gave each other support.”

Ottobock employee Ömer Deveci visited his family in Turkey during the earthquake

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