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Engineering at Ottobock

At Ottobock, we witness technology improving people’s lives everyday. Our company was founded in Berlin more than a hundred years ago. Viewed from today's perspective, it was an original start-up. We have retained this spirit, developing high-tech that is close to life. From bionic hand prostheses to microprocessor-controlled knee joints, as an engineer at Ottobock, you will push the boundaries of what is possible and help people maintain or regain freedom of movement. We bring technology to life.

A woman wearing a bebionic hand with Myo Plus prosthesis control presents her ideas on a magnet board.

What we’re proud of

At Ottobock, you can take part in one of the most innovative companies in its field. Our history is rich with examples of inventiveness and engineering excellence, a tradition that continues through today.

Artificial intelligence

Martin, head of software and electronics development states, "Artificial intelligence refers to systems that recognize patterns, learn independently and control processes accordingly." He sees such a system realized in the Myo Plus control system for prostheses. Through intelligent pattern recognition, Myo Plus converts mental impulses into natural motion sequences - completely invisible from the outside. Martin recommends taking a closer look: "We have engineers from a wide variety of fields working together: electrical engineering, medical technology, mechatronics - along with computer scientists like me. Much of what Ottobock achieves isn't obvious at first glance. It's worth finding out how diverse we are."
An Ottobock employee stands at a cutting table and looks into the camera.

High-Tech Materials

"There are many new materials on the market. Engineers at Ottobock turn them into new “products", says Helle, textile engineer. When most materials engineers think of high-tech materials, super-light carbon and resistant alloys come to mind, and indeed, these are used in many Ottobock products - but the variety of materials used are great: Helle shares, "Our MyActive suits are designed to treat children with neuromotor impairments. Their bodies are measured, patterns are manufactured, and the orthosis is then custom-made. Once I saw a boy who was suddenly able to run an obstacle course. That moment gave me goosebumps. It motivated me a lot."


Replicating the functioning of complex human physiology through technology has always been a core part of our work. Thus, we are constantly developing new ways to break down barriers between biology and technology. Our goal: products that become a completely natural part of life. André, Head of Mechanics Development states, "Products like the Genium X3 are particularly impressive. It is able to reproduce the human gait pattern very naturally. Products like this are unique to Ottobock." André is not allowed to reveal what exactly he is working on right now, but he can assure that it remains exciting: "There are always new challenges and tasks across the entire product portfolio. It's never boring. We face new challenges every day."

Smart Sensors and Micro Processors

"In our products, data from various smart sensors is fused into a single smart system. This can then analyze and control movements, step speeds and orientations, for example," explains Manius, Head of Application Software. The Genium smart leg prosthesis, released in 2011, replicates natural, physiological walking almost identically with the help of microprocessors, sensors and motors. This allows users to move as safely as possible, even on difficult surfaces." At Ottobock, engineers develop these products that enable people to be mobile and therefore improve their quality of life."

Unique Quality and Production Depth

Nadine joined Ottobock in 2017 for her bachelor's thesis - and has stayed ever since. She currently manages three change projects in the fields of Product Refinement and Shared Services. Ottobock develops and produces according to the highest standards. This includes improving products that are already on the market. "Quality is extremely important. The products have to be safe - and above all, they have to deliver what is promised to the users." Nadine applied to stay with Ottobock because "it's important to me that people are at the center and that we help those with and without handicaps through innovative products."

Prototypes and Products

"When I see the glow in users' eyes as soon as they realize they can handle certain life situations much better while trying out our products and prototypes: It's exactly these moments that make working at Ottobock so special," says Anna, a developer at the Vienna site. Anna studied sports technology and took the leap from sports equipment development to medical technology during her master's degree. She has not regretted this step to this day. Anna heard about Ottobock through a friend and was immediately enthusiastic. Above all, she is fascinated by the possibilities and current developments in the field of prosthetics and orthotics. After writing her master's thesis at Ottobock, she initially started as a working student and is now a permanent part of the Biomechanics, Control & Simulation department.

Control Systems, Software and Sensor Technology

"We have frequent contact with wheelchair users and it's inspiring to see how they use our products, what's good and what can be improved." Heiko started as a development engineer at Ottobock Human Mobility in Königsee in 2017 after studying electrical engineering, before helping to set up the site at the Bötzow Brewery in Berlin a short time later, where he has been working since then. At Ottobock Human Mobility in Berlin, products, especially wheelchairs, are built up to prototype status and prepared for pre-series production in Königsee. Heiko is mainly responsible for the product development of control systems, software as well as sensor technology, creates specifications and drives the digital transformation. In addition to his tasks, he particularly appreciates the working environment: "The location in the Bötzow Brewery is great and also a reason why I like coming to work. My colleagues are in a good mood. We have a great working atmosphere!"

Quality Assurance

"No matter where you are working at Ottobock, you have a direct impact on someone else's life," says Marie, Quality Assurance Department Manager at the Königsee site. "It drives me to ensure and advance the quality promise together with my team day by day." After Marie completed her master's degree in mechanical engineering and gained several years of professional experience, she joined Ottobock as a Production Engineer. In the meantime, she leads her own team that systematically analyzes and tackles challenges. The tasks are varied: from incoming goods inspection to process improvements to transferring theoretical ideas to series production. "We manage to make product variance manageable and provide users worldwide with products that suit them."
Who we’re looking for

Research & Development

Are you passionate about bringing innovative ideas to life? As an engineer in research and development at Ottobock, you will be there when ideas and expertise turn into products that were previously thought of as impossible.

Your profile:

  • You have already gained professional experience in product development as an engineer - preferably in medical technology or a similar environment
  • You like to apply technology and constantly improve it – both in the detail and from a big picture perspective
  • You are a team player that also knows how to prioritize and work independently
  • You are open to innovation - both in technology and in the work environment
  • Not only do you rethink and optimize products, but also processes and work methods

Operations – Planning & Manufacturing

Ottobock operates 10 production sites, achieving an extraordinary level of vertical integration. As an engineer in the Operations department at Ottobock, you are in charge of planning, implementing and optimizing intelligent processes. Thus, you guarantee the highest quality standards and reliable product availability.

Your profile:

  • You contribute extensive knowledge in Lean Management
  • You oversee and improve production processes and/or production procedures
  • You think and act in a forward-looking, holistic and process-oriented manner
  • You are highly committed to quality
  • You advocate improvements in your field with your talent for communication

What to look forward to

  • Products with purpose. Experience the real improvement your work brings to the lives of our users.
  • Ingenuity by tradition. As a family-run company, Ottobock has been driving innovation in the industry since 1919.
  • A personalized career. Ottobock helps you achieve your unique career goals as a reliable partner.
  • Awesome teams. The motivation of our employees is contagious. Become part of an international network of experts who achieve more together.
  • Work the way that suits you. Ottobock offers modern working environments that can be adapted to your needs as much as possible.

Your benefits

Our locations


Our headquarters are located in the very idyllic town of Duderstadt, 25km from Göttingen and its ICE train station. Here, we develop groundbreaking products such as new prostheses, orthoses and exoskeletons, which are later used by people all over the world.


The development department for high-tech wheelchairs is located at our site in Berlin. Furthermore, the digitization of the company is driven from here. Interdisciplinary teams develop and test novel products, technologies and business models on the site of the former Bötzow brewery in the heart of the city.


The history of the site in Königsee, Thuringia, goes back to the founding year of 1919. Today, in the hometown of the company's founder, engineers work closely with manufacturing to test new materials, develop new wheelchair prototypes and put them into production.


Ottobock has been active in Austria for 50 years. In addition to manufacturing, it is research and development that makes Vienna such an important location for the Ottobock group. There, more than 600 employees realize high-tech innovations in the field of prosthetics.
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