Ottobock's engagement to sports

Moving with and for each other

During her visit to the centre in Bad Oeynhausen, basketball player Anna-Lena Hennig from Germany's U25 team was given a glimpse behind the scenes of the sports wheelchair workshop.
With our technical expertise, we help athletes with disabilities reach their personal goals every day.

Sports as part of our DNA

Ottobock has been promoting sports for people with disabilities for more than three decades. We are proud to be able to support so many athletes with disabilities. In keeping with our motto “Passion for Paralympics”, we do everything we can to promote their mobility as a partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

“Sports are even more important for people with amputations. You have to be in good shape to get the most out of your prosthesis. Studies show that a person with a transfemoral amputation has to exert up to seven times more energy than a non-amputee to make the same movements."

Heinrich Popow, Ottobock ambassador and multiple Paralympic Games winner

Three athletes on an all-weather track sprint side by side towards the camera.
The Paralympic Games show society how powerful sports can be. They prove just how much people can achieve if they believe in themselves and focus their training on a goal.

Paralympic Games

Our partnership with the Paralympic Games began in Seoul in 1988. Ottobock has been at every Summer and Winter Paralympic Games ever since, paving the way for good sportsmanship and fair competition between the athletes.

Learn more about our “Passion for Paralympics”

Our Ottobock ambassadors share the same goal: To inspire people with disabilities for sports.

Ottobock ambassadors

Ottobock supports athletes from all over the world who compete in a wide variety of sports at many different levels. These athletes share our passion for Paralympics and are dedicated to working with us as ambassadors to promote sports and an active lifestyle for people with disabilities.

To the Ottobock Ambassadors

A group of women training at a sports ground and running with running blades.
We want to give people with limited mobility the opportunity to experience our passion for sports.

Running Clinics

We also want to give people who aren’t professional athletes the opportunity to experience our passion for sports. That is why we created the Running Clinics. At the clinics, amputees ranging from beginners to experienced runners work as a team to achieve their personal goals. They train, practise and test their sports prostheses under expert supervision.

More about the Running Clinics

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