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Genium X3 lower limb prosthesis

Active living with the Genium X3

Swimming, jogging and cycling – prosthesis users can lead an even more active life with the Genium X3. This robust, waterproof lower limb prosthesis is particularly suitable for users who want to pursue their career and their hobbies with as few limitations as possible. Thanks to the Genium X3, it’s also possible to lead a more active life with children that includes playing, racing and enjoying outdoor activities together. Materials such as titanium and stainless steel as well as special seals protect the joint’s sensitive sensor and electronic systems against dust, sand and moisture. This makes demanding activities possible as well – for example on building sites or in wet environments.


The OPG technology integrated in the leg prosthesis enables an “optimised physiological gait”. This means that the Genium X3 allows users to walk with a nearly natural gait, even on difficult terrain and at changing speeds. To ensure this, the built-in sensors continuously review the wearer’s current gait phase. The microprocessor-controlled prosthesis responds immediately and intelligently to these situations – and even enables users to climb stairs step-over-step. It also makes it possible to walk backwards as well as stand and walk on slopes – intuitively, and with proven safety.

Presets for recreation and work

Five settings can be pre-configured for various activities with the Genium X3. Users can simply select the various modes – an app on their smartphone is one way of doing so – and the lower limb prosthesis adjusts the movements accordingly. These might be presets for recreational activities such as cycling, but also for physiotherapy or work. For example, the O&P professional can define a personal mode for an auto mechanic so he or she can stand in a stooped position for extended periods while servicing a jacked-up vehicle. The app also displays additional information such as the battery charge level. The battery lasts for approximately five days with average use.



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