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C-Brace® orthosis

Stance and swing phase controlled orthosis

The C-Brace® is the world’s only stance and swing phase controlled orthosis (SSCO®). The new generation of the orthosis celebrated its world premier in May 2018 – at OTWorld, the leading trade fair for orthopaedic technology. The C-Brace® can make walking possible again for people with partial or total paralysis of the knee extensors, for example as a result of polio. Thanks to its unique sensor technology, the orthosis controls walking movements in real time. As a result, the user can walk with a nearly natural gait pattern. This means a shopping trip in the city, a family bike ride and even hiking in the mountains are possible again.

Active living with the C-Brace®

In the past, paralysis orthoses were limited to locking and unlocking the knee joint. Among other things, this meant that movements were carried out abruptly – for example, as the user sat down. The C-Brace®, on the other hand, responds immediately and intelligently to the user’s current situation. The integrated microprocessor controls the stance and swing phase of the leg – and therefore the entire gait cycle. The user no longer needs to pay attention to every step now. They can even go down stairs step-over-step. Walking can become natural again, whether fast or slow, on uneven ground or slopes.

The new C-Brace®

The new generation of the orthosis offers additional advantages: it’s smaller and can also be worn under clothing; it’s lighter and the user doesn’t need to exert as much effort when walking. New sensor technology makes the entire gait pattern even more dynamic and sensitive. Plus, the user can adjust their joint via a smartphone app and switch to cycling mode, for example.

The individual fitting of the new C-Brace® has become easier as well: certified O&P professionals construct the orthosis directly at the medical supply company and adjust it to the patient using a Setup app on a tablet computer.



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