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The Ottobock visuals are the heart of our human driven storytelling. With this focus, our images breathe with life: they are modern, innovative, vibrant, dynamic, calm, modest but also celebrating epic moments of every individual.

How to build human empowerment stories.

Without light there's no life. Understanding this universal principle is essential to translate the future Ottobock visual experience into a new visual signature.

We want to immerse and embeded our human heroes in warm light and colorful authentic situations. This is the appreciation our heroes and key audience love.

With love for such visual details, we'll empower every story to be more meaningful, consistent and inspiring than ever before.

Visual principles to tell human stories right.


Light & colors for life.

Life should be expressed as it is: vibrant and diverse. This experience is created by using the full spectrum of colors for all our visuals. Ottobock is embracing this new principle by portraying our users in exciting and grounded storytelling.

Uniquely human.

The results are: human snapshots of unique situations, perfectly pairing sophisticated lighting with a distinctive colour mood.

The products for example look not like exhibition objects, but are an integral part of a human storytelling.

This allows us to create high-quality, emotionally charged images that move and fascinate the viewer. The images are powerful, express understatement, and reflect finally a well toned balance of technological perfection and human nature.

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Layout principles.

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