Brand elements

The Ottobock logo.

The Ottobock wordmark logo has been optimized to ensure its uniqueness and also to provide a contemporary finish that needs to work for every communication context and new digital landscape. This section will provide you with necessary information how to stage and use it in right ways.


Logo for print (CMYK)


Logo for digital (RGB)


Logo for CAD

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Ottobock logo.

As the strongest brand in the O&P world our wordmark logo is an empowerment signature and should be treated with the utmost respect.

Place it proudly in the work with space to breathe.

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Logo space.

Simplicity is the key. Therefore we use the wordmark logo version without the new tagline, especially when it comes to customer focused communication.

This approach will ensure high consistency and recognisability for all global markets by reducing the number of visual elements.

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Key visual - circle of life.

The Circle of Life is connecting everything in the Ottobock brand universe.

In human history and science the circle has a greater meaning and embodies essentially a universal principle found everywhere. It explains simply how we will operate and work as a brand by staying constantly innovative and eventually shifting our mindset to a more holistic and human centered approach. This principle is universal and helps us on our journey to discover better solutions for our customers.

It also supports our communication to be more focused, meaningful and consistent.
Coming from from our legacy key visual “Quality for life” it has evolved into a storytelling key visual that opens the world of human empowerment to our audience.

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Additional topics.

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Brand elements

Animated logo.

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