Brand elements

The animated logo.

Every modern brand has an animated wordmark representation that is present for all dynamic communication and digital situations.

Therefore it was only logic to introduce a distinctive logo animation with a premium finish for our future motion content experiences.


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Closing animation.

The animated logo wordmark always appears at the very end of every motion content.

When placed at the end of each human empowerment video story the logo initially becomes visible, starting from dots circulating which transitions into the Ottobock. signature. This blends seamlessly with the picture and brings an innovative and premium feeling before solidifying into final Ottobock logo. The closing animation is designed to be used on all TVC, video, social, motion and other dynamic advertising formats.

bildschirmfoto-2022-05-06-um-23.36-2 img 900
bildschirmfoto-2022-05-06-um-23.36-2 img 900

Formats for motion content.

For motion content (video) which can be experience for social and streaming platforms, we provide necessary formats to deliver a brand consistency.

To ensure high consistency for all our motion content the animated logo wordmark uses the same ratio aspects as for static visuals when it comes to screen placement. We also defined a distinctive animation curve for further elements (e.g. corner bug. titles etc.) which are clearly specified as templates The animation is available for landscape and potrait formats which cover today’s diverse touchpoint landscape.

001 logo safe zone (1) (1)
001 logo safe zone (1) (1)

Additional topics.

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Brand elements


Brand elements.


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