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Technology is evolving and allows many brands to transform their experience into the next phase. Providing best accessibility and working more with an open source mindset become crucial principles which reflect our future brand mindset.

For typography we start to demonstrate our openess by embracing and integrating best in class digital technology into our brand DNA.

Introducing two new, variable and universally accessible modern typefaces for Ottobock.


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Primary typeface.

Our new brand primary typeface is Work Sans, an open source sans serif font which balances warmth and humanity with clean, geometric shapes. The new variable font guarantees a consistent experience for all digital devices.

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Secondary typeface.

As second typeface we use Source Serif Pro (also available as open source) to accentuate human stories in form of individual human quotes.

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Typography example.

For magazines, brochures and further corporate publications (B2B) we use a well crafted typography to provide clarity for content, information and hierarchies. Thus the brand is demonstrating clear guidance and expertise in a unique way.


A well crafted typography is essential to provide clarity of content, information and hierarchies. We streamlined the way how to structure complex information by reducing formats on an essential level. Thus the brand is demonstrating its capability and expertise to convey clarity in the areas of innovation, healthcare and product communication even more.

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Brand elements

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