ottobock founder
ottobock founder
ottobock founder
Our continuing evolution.

The origin of our brand and purpose.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes. What is life like for customers, users, suppliers, employees? How do they tick? What do they want? Then serve them with a smile. And without reservations.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes. What is life like for customers, users, suppliers, employees? How do they tick? What do they want? Then serve them with a smile. And without reservations.


Where we came from.

The founding of Ottobock over 100 years ago was nothing less than a revolution in the care of patients with missing limbs.

Driven by his vision of empowering people to regain their freedom of movement Otto Bock had the trailblazing idea of breaking down the production process and dividing the prostheses into individual components that could be manufactured in serial production. In doing so, he laid the foundation for the orthopaedic industry.

Since then, Ottobock established a tradition of progress and innovation – always based on the company's values and on the mission: Our goal is to empower our customers and users.

That's why we are the human empowerment company.

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Download brand book

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Our core values.

Four unifying brand values.

At Ottobock, we deeply believe that human-centricity leads to better quality of life for our users and greater success for our customers.

That belief is the starting point for the next phase of our journey: wholly transforming into a human empowerment company. We also believe that the digital revolution is a unique opportunity to upgrade our company's DNA, creating a more intelligent, approachable, and empathetic brand for our business.

That evolution will be grounded in our four core values: human, inventive, reliable, and smart.

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Be Human.

After a holistic, comprehensive transformation process, our brand is entering a new era. The next chapter of our business will have a single, essential purpose: human empowerment.

What does empowerment mean? For our brand, it means giving people true control of their lives. For our professional O&P customers, it means connecting orthotic and prosthetic users with the products and support they need to overcome mobility challenges and regain their confidence and independence.

But for all of us, it means putting people and emotional connections at the heart of everything we do, and becoming a brand that helps human beings live the lives they want.


Be Inventive.

We live in a connected age, surrounded by technological breakthroughs and cultural revolutions. Amidst it all, social media has given us the power to express ourselves and share our experiences around the globe, all in real time.

These innovations have unlocked a new world of uniquely personal and truly inspiring content – an infinite stream of powerful stories. We're building a brand to harness them.


Be Reliable.

By the time the digital universe became a part of daily life, Ottobock had been sharing powerful human stories for over 100 years.

Each one of those stories has had its own unique spark: taking that first step, running again at last, or giving the first real hug in years.

Every one of those moments was made possible by a century of Ottobock innovation.


Be Smart.

Being smart is the newest addition to our core value family. In a connected world where patients and customers interact with brands digitally, it is crucial to build experiences which are highly consistent and true to the user’s needs and expectations.

This can only be achieved when the brand begins to synchronize its services, key messages and products in a smart way that can be felt by its audience as a holistic brand ecosystem.

Core brand elements.

Four key elements of an Ottobock brand experience.

Our brand identity has four foundational elements: our brand signature (logo), colors, typography, and visuals. These components form the basis of a universal, seamlessly scalable Ottobock design system.
Together, these elements breathe new life into our brand and empower Ottobock to be more adaptable, intelligent, and empathic toward our users and customers. All four elements can be used to design an infinite range of physical and digital touchpoints, and create unique, engaging brand experiences that build real human connections.

core brand elements