Height-adjustable prosthetic foot offers users more flexibility

No more restrictions when it comes to shoe choice

Image Taleo Adjust Zainab Al-Eqabi

Monday, 10 July 2023

  • The Ottobock Taleo Adjust height-adjustable prosthetic foot offers more flexibility in day-to-day life.

  • Prosthesis wearers can wear any shoes they want.

  • The foot height can be smoothly adjusted between 0 and 7 cm.

  • The Taleo Adjust is suitable for all genders.

  • “I feel confident when I wear the Taleo Adjust!” says model and influencer Zainab Al-Eqabi.

Trainers, Oxfords or pumps. The medical technology company Ottobock is bringing a height-adjustable prosthetic foot to the market. With the Taleo Adjust, people with leg prostheses are now free to choose the type of shoe they want to wear.

Zainab Al-Eqabi is also enjoying this freedom. The Iraqi model has already had the opportunity to test the height-adjustable foot before its launch – and she was delighted: “I am a woman who likes to dress up. I really enjoy having the choice and freedom to pick out shoes that are appropriate for each day and event. I feel confident when I wear the Taleo Adjust!”

Ottobock worked closely with users like Zainab through the development process. “We used their continuous feedback to considerably increase user friendliness. At the click of a button, the prosthetic foot can be smoothly adjusted up to a heel height of 7 cm. Users can independently adjust the heel height without needing to spend extra time visiting their medical supply company,” explains Manuel Hiller, product manager at Ottobock.

Zainab also confirms how simple it is to use: “I put the shoe on, adjust the height with a click and then lock it in. It is extremely practical.”

“Getting ready for work in the mornings barefoot, going for a jog outside in trainers, wearing business shoes to the office and going out to dance in high heels in the evening – with Taleo Adjust, our users are no longer limited in their choice of shoes,” says Manuel Hiller.

The carbon foot is aimed at all active users (mobility grade 2–3), can bear loads of up to 115 kg and is suitable for every gender.

Another advantage of the new prosthetic foot is that it is compatible with all Ottobock microprocessor-controlled knees (C-Leg, Genium X3 and Kenevo) as well as the new Quickchange adapter for a quick and easy changeover of prosthesis components.

The Taleo Adjust is initially available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and North America. From October 2023, the prosthetic foot will be available globally.


Image Taleo Adjust Prosthetic Foot


Image Taleo Adjust Zainab Al-Eqabi


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