Paralympics 2024: Climate-friendly from Duderstadt to Paris

Ottobock and ZUFALL contribute to the most sustainable Paralympic Games in history

Paralympics 2024: Climate-friendly from Duderstadt to Paris

Monday, 17 June 2024

The road to greater corporate sustainability leads via Paris in 2024: medical technology company Ottobock is using electric articulated lorries to transport workshop equipment and spare parts for the Paralympic Games this year. This is made possible by the partnership with the ZUFALL logistics group. Today, three electric lorries started their tour to Paris from the Ottobock headquarters in Duderstadt. By using the electrically powered vehicles, the two companies from southern Lower Saxony are pursuing the common goal of making their respective industries more climate-friendly and developing holistic, environmentally friendly solutions.

The 2024 Paralympic Games begin in Paris on 28 August. Ottobock traditionally provides technical services for all athletes and team members of the participating nations. A lot has to be brought to the French capital for this: In addition to large machines such as milling machines and infrared heating ovens, Ottobock has over 20,000 spare parts transported to the 15 Paralympics workshops. "The venue in the centre of Europe makes transport a little easier for us this year. Instead of having to fly materials and equipment halfway around the world, we are using electrically powered trucks from our logistics partner," reports Ottobock CEO Oliver Jakobi, adding: "The organisers have announced that they want to make Paris 2024 the most sustainable Games in history - we naturally want to play our part in this together with the ZUFALL logistics group."

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance, the topic of sustainability is strategically anchored at Ottobock: "We are committed to the goal of promoting sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level, both nationally and internationally," explains Arne Kreitz, who is responsible for the sustainability strategy as Chief Financial Officer.

Sustainability firmly anchored in the company

For Peter Müller-Kronberg, CEO and owner of the ZUFALL logistics group, one thing is certain: "As a logistics company in particular, we bear responsibility for a future that is fit for grandchildren. And we have a major influence on bringing about real change. For us, sustainable logistics means long-term economic success in harmony with people and the environment - people, planet, profit. You can't have one without the other. The collaboration with Ottobock is the best proof for us that sustainable logistics, from transport to warehousing to supplementary services, creates added value for our customers."

With the aim of making logistics more sustainable and driving the mobility revolution with the use of alternative drive systems, the company invested in a total of 14 electric lorries and a corresponding charging infrastructure in 2023. The vehicles will be used in shuttle services for production supply. They also connect the various ZUFALL forwarding locations. E-trucks are also used for the collection and distribution of general cargo shipments in individual regions. For the first time, the purely battery-electric lorries are now being used for long-distance transport in Europe. An important step on the way to a climate-friendly transport landscape. "Together with companies like Ottobock, who, like us, have firmly anchored sustainability in their decision-making, we are getting closer to this goal," says Peter Müller-Kronberg.