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Expansion in Scandinavia

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 Expansion in Scandinavia - Sahva A/S Versorgung C-Brace

Wednesday, 10 July 2024

The global health tech company Ottobock continues to grow. On 10 July 2024, Ottobock acquired Sahva A/S, a leading professional supply network for orthopaedic technology in Denmark. This investment continues Ottobock's growth strategy to tap potential in strategic future-oriented fields.

“Sahva A/S presents us with a great opportunity to expand into the Danish market and establish our network there,” says CEO Oliver Jakobi.

Up to now, Ottobock has not been represented in Denmark with its Patient Care clinics. The acquisition strengthens the company's presence in Scandinavia. In Sweden, Ottobock treats patients at 20 locations under the name Aktiv Ortopedteknik. In Finland, Ottobock operates the Respecta care network with 14 locations.

Around 250 employees work at more than 30 locations for Sahva A/S and treat people with reduced mobility. Annual turnover in 2023 was approx. 40 million euros.

“This acquisition is another important step on our growth path. We are looking forward to integrating Sahva A/S into our network and implementing our high standard for optimum treatments in Denmark as well,” says Oliver Jakobi.

“For me, Ottobock is the most obvious choice on the market to continue Sahva A/S’ long-standing mission: helping people live lives in motion. Ottobock has been our partner and supplier for many years and shares this mission. Sahva A/S has developed very successfully in recent years, and I am looking forward to becoming part of Ottobock’s Scandinavian organisation and contributing with our knowledge and experience,” says Sahva A/S owner René Engskov, who will continue to lead the company as CEO under a new flag.

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