kidevo: New name for Veldink4kids children’s wheelchairs

Name change provides orientation according to wheelchair characteristics

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Thursday, 28 September 2023

Veldink4kids’ wheelchairs for children are being given a new name: kidevo. Ottobock took over Veldink4kids in 2022, expanding its portfolio to include children’s wheelchairs. The Kiddo product range has been renamed kidevo as part of the full integration of the product range.

The new brand name combines the terms kids (kid) and evolution (evo) and includes the first letters of Veldink4kids and Ottobock as a sign of integration.

In addition to the new name, the four children’s wheelchairs and the seating shell mobility base were grouped into three categories to make it easier for customers and parents to identify them according to product characteristics. This means that they can recognize the wheelchair that is compatible with the child’s individual needs by its name already.

The kidevo family at a glance

Veldink4kids’ wheelchairs for children feature a wide range of options and custom-made seating and back support systems – there are no specified sizes. The kidevo wheelchairs are available in 27 different colours as well as with a tilt system (adjustable seat and back support angle) identified by the t in the name.

The all-rounder kidevo prime is suitable for children from about two years of age. The wheelchair has a modular design comprising a seating and back unit, the chassis and the wheels. This makes it easy for parents to transport it in the car. The driving characteristics can also be subsequently adjusted to suit the level of activity. Using the tilt system, the seat and back support angle of the kidevo prime.t can be adjusted from ten degrees to the front and fifty degrees to the back. The wheelchair’s centre of gravity remains stable and does not tip.

With its seat width and depth from 16 centimetres, the kidevo mini constitutes the ideal transition from a passive buggy to independent wheelchair use. As kidevo mini.t, the model also features a tilt system. The variant allows tilting of five degrees to the front and forty degrees to the back.

The third model is the kidevo adapt – a mobility base for seating shells for every activity level of the child. Thanks to the adjustable centre of gravity, optimal driving characteristics can be achieved for the child and attendant. The width of the adapt can also be adjusted by up to ten centimetres. This makes it easier for children to grip the hand rims and move about more actively.


kidevo product overview of Veldink4kids children’s wheelchairs

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