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Ottobock unveils the next generation of microprocessor knee 

Genium X4 user Kaleb

Monday, 3 June 2024

A global health-tech leader and pioneering innovator of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) technology, Ottobock is proud to introduce the revolutionary next generation of their Genium family of prosthetic microprocessor knees (MPKs): The Genium X4.

Building on the proven Optimized Physiological Gait (OPG) technology and rugged durability of its predecessors, the Genium X4 sets a new standard for MPK performance. It offers improvements in user experience across a wide range of challenging professional and everyday situations, including highly active family-life and leisure activities.

The new OPG 3.0 features an array of new, user-empowering updates, including Optimized Slope Ascent, Start-to-Walk, Early Stance Phase Support, and Dynamic Backward Movement. Together, these innovations are designed to deliver an exceptionally smooth, near-natural walking experience — whether users are navigating tight spaces or crowds, stepping off an escalator or out of a lift, stepping back to pull open a heavy door, strolling through waves on the beach, or hiking on uneven terrain. A new intuitive cycling feature adds further adaptive performance: the knee joint recognizes the start and end of pedal movement and dynamically adjusts resistance, without the user having to activate a MyMode preset.

Like its precursors, Genium and Genium X3, Genium X4 is also fully waterproof and corrosion-resistant. It also boasts a battery life of up to five days, and allows for five MyMode presets that professionals can tailor to the user’s preferred activities. Additionally, the new app enables O&P professionals to make extensive adjustments during the fitting. The knee joint is approved for users with mobility grades 2 to 4, and up to a body weight of 150 kg.

The Genium X4 also features a full range of user-changeable, customizable cover solutions that provide protection for the knee joint as well as a more natural look, if desired.

In fact, virtually every aspect of this next-gen MPK can be customized to suit each user’s unique needs, goals, and preferences.

“Genium X4 is more than a new evolution of proven MPK technology,” says Martin Böhm, Ottobock’s Chief Experience Officer and Member of the Ottobock Management Board. “This is a prosthesis inspired by nature to redefine human potential and personalize users’ mobility. It truly is the kind of advance that could only be unlocked by 25+ years of continuous MPK innovation, paired with Ottobock’s passion for human empowerment.”

“When we asked ourselves how we would build on the success of our Genium MPKs,” Böhm adds, “we wanted to aim for more than making the next movement easier and more natural for users. We aimed to create a knee that frees them to focus on so much more — not just their next step, but what’s next for them in life. Genium X4 makes that possible.”

Initial users say that vision feels like a reality when they’re walking on Ottobock’s latest MPK.

“This is freedom,” says Genium X4 user Björn Eser. “Being able to walk for hours and enjoy nature — I’m fully alive and in the moment. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Users Dave Henson and Siglind Köhler agree: Genium X4 offers a new level of MPK experience. “The difference is impressive,” says Henson. “My mind is free. Playing with my kids, walking, stepping backward — I don’t even have to think about it. Everything just feels so natural.”

“Now it all just flows,” states Köhler. “Taking small steps, moving forward and backward, turning, pushing, pulling — I don’t even have to think about it.”

Soon, Ottobock will also deliver compelling clinical support for the real-world results Genium X4 is already delivering for users like Björn, Dave, and Siglind. Three clinical studies were conducted during different phases of product development in Germany, Austria and USA. Preliminary results from the German study with the final version of Genium X4* show that it sets a new benchmark for MPK performance and functionality.

The study in Germany included 8 unilateral and bilateral amputees. All of them felt Genium X4 enhanced their mobility in a range of ways.

Users further reported clinically relevant improvement in many activities of daily living (ADLs), including multiple mobility-related activities. Gait analysis also indicated that Genium X4 enabled more natural movement patterns on both the amputated and sound side.

These new results add to the already robust wealth of evidence demonstrating that Genium technology supports a range of clinically meaningful improvements in both users’ mobility and quality of life.(1) “Clinically, functionally, and technologically, Genium has earned its place at the forefront of the MPK market,” Böhm notes. “From both the user feedback and the clinical evidence we’ve seen so far, we’re confident that Genium X4 will take that legacy a revolutionary step forward.”

For users like Laura Kuhta, that step can take them somewhere where they’ve always wanted to go. “Now, I can go anywhere,” Kuhta says, “Navigating crowded, busy spaces, using escalators, pedaling a bike — I don't even have to think about it anymore. I just move.”

At launch the Genium X4 will be available only in selected markets. It will subsequently be rolled out in additional markets worldwide.

*Publication in preparation.

1 Bellman et al. 2012a, Kannenberg et al. 2013, Highsmith et al. 2014a, Highsmith et al. 2014b, Lura et al. 2015, Schalk et al. 2015, Varrechia ea. 2019, Mileusnic et al. 2021

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