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Compliance at Ottobock

Our company structure is shaped by numerous different stakeholders and business activities which are subject to varying degrees of freedom.

We have a culture of compliance

Complex requirements and continuously changing legal and normative frameworks demand clear standards and rules for corporate governance and for our collaboration.

In order to comply with these rules – which include applicable laws, guidelines, standards and agreements – the management of Ottobock has introduced a compliance management system. Our code of conduct, our internal policy prevention of corruption and a culture of compliance which is based on trust form important pillars of Ottobock’s compliance management system. We continually develop and update this system to ensure it reflects general social values and complies with the most recent legal requirements.

Family matters

We’re a family business, which means we place particular value on open communication, honesty and cooperative relationships between all employees as well as with our customers and business partners as we implement our compliance goals.

“Encourage others to correct errors, be proactive and make decisions.”

Company founder Otto Bock, 1944

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Ottobock in personal contact with customers.

Code of conduct

Every Ottobock employee is responsible for their own actions and behaviour at all times. They must respect our corporate values and observe the company’s code of conduct to the best of their ability in everything they do. Our interactions are defined by trust, fairness and respect. This lays the foundation for integrity and honesty.

By taking into account international standards for human rights, employment, environmental protection and anti-corruption, the Ottobock code of conduct follows the universally recognised principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

The code of conduct encompasses the following eleven principles:

“Nearly 100 years on, our values – such as honesty, trust and reliability – are still intact. As the head of the family in its third generation, and as the owner and Chairman of the Board, I’m proud that our culture of mutual respect is alive and well.”

Professor Hans Georg Näder, Owner

Whistleblowing Unit

The Whistleblowing Unit is intended to give all employees, customers and business partners the opportunity to report compliance violations in order to clarify these internally and to be able to prevent future damage to persons in the company or to the company itself. The Whistleblowing Unit serves to report serious violations of laws or our internal regulations with regard to fraud, corruption, theft, discrimination, sexual harassment, blackmail, betrayal of secrets, export control, irregularities in accounting, environmental protection, occupational health and safety as well as child and forced labour.

For reports such as general (product) complaints, please contact your local contacts at the Ottobock entities.

Due to legal requirements, tips on data privacy infringements are to be reported exclusively to our Global Data Privacy Office. Please use this encrypted contact form.

Whistleblowers worldwide can submit their reports anonymously through two channels:

External Ombudsperson

Ottobock has also set up an external ombudsperson. Attorney Dr. André Große Vorholt will review your case and investigate it as comprehensively as possible. While maintaining your anonymity, he reports the case to the Compliance Department of Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA Contact details of the ombudsperson:

Dr. André Große Vorholt

Phone: +49 89 23714 12460


Digital Whistleblowing Unit

The Compliance Department of Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA will process your report professionally and with the utmost discretion.

In 2021, five reports were submitted via the whistleblower system in the areas of HR-Compliance, Prevention of Fraud and corruption and Finance Compliance. All five reports were analysed extensively and closed after dedicated measures were taken.