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Clinical Services Network

The Ottobock Clinical Services Network offers customised orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation solutions for users around the globe. With harmonised quality standards in over 400 fitting centres worldwide, state-of-the-art technology and close collaborations with doctors and specialised clinics we help our users to regain, maintain and improve their freedom of movement.

Customised treatment solutions

The success of therapy largely depends on the quality of the treatment. We adopt an integrated approach, providing the highest quality orthopaedic fitting solutions in combination with personalised support from the entire rehabilitation team. Our certified O&P professionals, clinicians as well as therapists and medical experts take care of the individual medical needs of our users.


Individual Treatment worldwide

Get to know Victor from Colombia, Sonia from Italy or Lovisa from Sweden and which stories connects them to the Ottobock Clinical Service Network.

Sonia in Italy

After her amputation Sonia’s goal was to regain as much of her mobility as possible to lead an active life again. Therefore, her rehabilitation team set up an individual training programme. Discover how she experienced her stay in the Gait Rehabilitation Centre Casalino.

For more information please get in touch with your local centre or contact our headquarters in Duderstadt/Germany for support in finding the ideal location.


Ottobock worldwide

Ottobock’s sales and service network extends to nearly 60 countries around the world. You can find our subsidiaries and Patient Care clinics here.

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