Wolfgang using his arm prosthesis and Myo Plus pattern recognition as he feeds a calf a bottle of milk on his farm.
Our sustainability strategy

Responsibility is our foundation

In our company, responsible governance and economic success have gone hand in hand for more than 100 years. We have always put people first. This attitude is reflected in our claim “We empower people.”

Sustainability is still the way forward

Our commitment to sustainability finds its special expression in the positive social impact of our products and value-driven corporate governance by the family of owners.

One of our most urgent tasks is to meet the growing expectations and information needs of our stakeholders. Our users and customers as well as applicants take sustainability factors into account in their decision-making process, as do lenders or investors. We are responding to the increasing importance of sustainability by enhancing the visibility of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects at Ottobock, both internally and externally.

Sustainability is a process

Our private Sustainalytics ESG rating reflects that we are in the best possible position to enhance sustainable growth and our positive impact on society. In 2021, we held a leading position among 228 rated medical technology companies in Europe. A great result, which continues to inspire us.

Results of our private Sustainalytics ESG rating

A team standing together like a sports team before a game; they are holding their hands on top of each other in the centre to show they’re ready to get started together.
We’re strong because we pull together as a team.

Efficient sustainability management

For us, sustainability is a strategic responsibility for management and part of our company strategy. This helps us examine routines from a critical perspective, spark innovations and ensure our success as a business.

The Management Board sets the objectives and monitors the sustainability strategy and performance. The members of the Executive Board have global responsibility for a specific sustainability issue and its policies.

The Chief Financial Officer assumes responsibility for sustainability throughout the company. Global Sustainability specifies the strategy and objectives, including the KPIs. It manages and monitors the implementation of policies and initiatives as well as related training throughout the company. Global Sustainability is also responsible for reporting, communication, ratings and audits in the non-financial field.

The Owner Initiative is responsible for a specific sustainability initiative at the global or local level and its implementation with a focus on meeting KPIs, training and evaluation.

Woman with the C-Leg prothetic leg goes to work.
We take an active, effective approach when making decisions to achieve sustainable growth.

UN Global Compact

We have been a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance, since 2015.

Based on 10 universal principles, the UN Global Compact pursues the vision of an inclusive, sustainable global economy that benefits all people, communities and markets, both today and tomorrow.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at Ottobock

As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, Ottobock is also committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The United Nations has created the SDGs as a framework to drive sustainable development at the economic, social and environmental levels, both nationally and internationally, until the year 2030.

At Ottobock, we want to make our contribution to the success of the initiative and have integrated the SDGs into our sustainability strategy. Based on a comprehensive analysis of our key sustainability topics, our values and strategies, we have identified the seven SDGs that are of the highest relevance for Ottobock. We want to make our contribution to attaining these goals through our business activities.

Graphic showing sustainability goal 3 (health and well-being)

Good health and well-being

People’s well-being is closely linked to their physical and mental health. We have been helping people with limited mobility maintain or regain their freedom of movement for more than 100 years. Studies prove that we can sustainably improve the quality of life for amputees and people with neurological diseases by providing prosthetic and orthotic treatment.
Graphic showing sustainability goal 8 (decent work and economic growth)

Decent work and economic growth

As a global technology leader, we strive to grow sustainably and profitably and to achieve a positive impact on society. With innovative products in all business areas and investments in digitalisation, we create the conditions for secure jobs and good working conditions worldwide.
Graphic showing the sustainability goal 9 (industry, innovation, infrastructure)

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

A viable economy is closely linked to sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure. We make our greatest contribution by expanding the functions of our prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs, increasing the robustness of our products and finding solutions for orthopaedic technology challenges that have yet to be solved. In doing so, we improve the personal mobility and well-being of our users.
Graphic showing sustainability goal 10 (reduced inequalities)
SDG 10

Reduced inequalities

Social, economic and political inclusion must be promoted in order to reduce inequalities. By designing our solutions to overcome or alleviate mobility restrictions, we help people with disabilities to participate more fully in economic and social life. High-quality prosthetic and orthotic treatments allow affected individuals to hold a job and lead an active family life.
Graphic showing sustainability goal 12 (responsible consumption and production)
SDG 12

Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable patterns of consumption and production are of great importance in light of the world’s growing population and demographic trends. The sustainable use of natural resources is crucial for us, taking into account environmental and economic aspects. We are making our production processes sustainable and optimising our material efficiency in production and logistics, among other things by using more alternatives that reduce strain on the environment and resources.
Graphic showing sustainability goal 13 (climate action)
SDG 13

Climate action

All companies and organisations are tasked with taking immediate steps to combat climate change and reduce the impacts of their own activities. Because we are a company that makes products, we bear special responsibility for protecting the climate. Establishing an environmental and energy management system is helping us make our carbon footprint more transparent and implement targeted measures.
Graphic showing sustainability goal 17 (partnerships fpr the goals)
SDG 17

Partnerships for the goals

Measures to improve sustainability can be implemented more purposefully when companies combine their competencies and resources with other actors in science, civil society and government. We work with international and national multi-sectoral partners to highlight the social, economic and health benefits that come with the provision of high-quality devices and improve access to these devices.

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