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Tomomi Tozawa

After an amputation of her left leg at the age of ten, Japanese Para athletes winning medals at the Rio Paralympic Games inspired Tomomi to become a Para athlete as well.

Inspiration through Japanese Para athletes in Rio 2016

The amputation was unavoidable, when doctors spotted an osteosarcoma in the left leg of 10-year-old Tomomi.

Four years of struggling after the amputation, she started to do Para athletics and Para cycling for fun. It was the Paralympic Games in Rio what made her change her mind on being a Para athlete. She enrolled at the Nippon Sport Science University to educate herself about sports and athletics.

In 2017, she attended the Ottobock Running Clinic with Heinrich Popow - the beginning of her professional Para athletics career.

“Sport made me change positively and made my life bright and enjoyable again. With watching many Paralympians’ fine performances and starting sports, I had confidence in myself. Today, there is hardly anything I can’t do in everyday life. Now, I want to encourage people who have negative feelings like I used to have. This works even better as an Ottobock ambassador.”

Tomomi Tozawa, Para athlete and Ottobock ambassador

Tomomi Tozawa warming up for her competition

Debut in Tokyo

At her first Paralympic Games, in her hometown Tokyo, she jumped to fourth place in the long jump and achieved the top 10 in the 100 metres event.

Heinrich Popow, who supports the Japanese Para Athletics Team, is making an important contribution in preparing for the Games, especially when it comes to running technique and technological aspects of sports prostheses.

Key facts

  • Nation: Japan
  • Year of birth: 1999
  • Sport: Para Athletics – 100 m, long jump
  • Classification: T63
  • Coach: Yoko Mizuno
  • Club: Fujitsu

Victories and achievements

  • Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020:
    • 4th place in long jump
    • 8th place on 100 m
  • World Para Athletics Championships Dubai 2019:
    • Bronze medal in long jump
  • Asian Para Games Jakarta 2018:
    • Bronze medal in long jump
  • 29th Japan Para Athletics Championship Takamatsu 2018:
    • Gold medal in long jump

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