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Prosthetics upper limb

Products for the arms and hands

For delicate gripping

Hand prostheses

The Michelangelo and bebionic hand prostheses from Ottobock enable people to perform the gripping movements we all use constantly during work and recreation.

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Signals from the muscles control the hand

Targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR)

TMR is the specific re-routing of nerves in people with arm amputations. The arm prosthesis is controlled using the re-routed muscle signals.

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Artificial intelligence – the prosthesis that learns from humans

Myo Plus pattern recognition

Myo Plus, Europe’s first prosthesis control device with pattern recognition.

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Prosthetics and orthotics lower limb

Products for legs, knees and feet

Active living with the C-Brace®

C-Brace® orthosis

The C-Brace® is the world’s only stance and swing phase controlled orthosis. The new generation of the orthosis celebrated its world premier in May 2018 – at OTWorld.

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The design of the new C-Leg
Moving safely with the C-Leg

C-Leg leg prosthesis

When it was launched on the market in 1997, the C-Leg from Ottobock was the world’s first microprocessor-controlled leg prosthesis – a milestone in prosthetics.

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Empower foot prosthesis for powerful movements

Empower foot prosthesis

The Empower from Ottobock is the only active prosthetic foot available on the market.

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Active living with the Genium X3

Genium X3 leg prosthesis

Swimming, jogging and cycling – prosthesis wearers can lead an even more active life with Ottobock’s Genium X3.

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Products for ergonomic jobs

Comfortable overhead work

Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton

The Paexo Shoulder is a passive exoskeleton that does not require an energy supply. Weighing in at less than two kilograms, it’s actually the lightest exoskeleton of its kind.

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Back of the relief

Paexo Back exoskeleton

The exoskeleton was developed in cooperation with logistics experts and employees in warehousing and parcel distribution centres. It employs a biomechanical principle to relieve the lower back by up to 25 kilograms.

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