User wearing a C-Brace walks along the banks of a lake.
Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

A company that makes people mobile

Regardless of whether the product is a prosthesis, an orthosis, a wheelchair or an exoskeleton – our focus is always on the people we support.

Ottobock sets standards

For more than 100 years, Ottobock develops innovative products. Meanwhile, the med-tech company also takes care of the full treatment cycle all over the globe. These services are provided under the Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA name, which began in 2018 to channel the company’s med-tech expertise also into sustainably healthy workplaces.

We continually develop our company and perfect our technology to improve the lives of our users. In 2019, we invested 9% of our turnover of product sales in research and development.

Since 1919 products and technologies from Ottobock have been helping people gain new freedom of movement and avoid potential complications. Initially, the company revolutionised the market – above all treatment for patients – thanks to the series production of prosthetic components. Since then, the focus has turned to microprocessor-controlled knee joints such as the C-Leg (which can be controlled via an app), the computer-controlled C-Brace leg orthosis, the multi-articulating bebionic hand, Juvo power wheelchairs and the Paexo exoskeleton range for ergonomic workplaces.

Our single-minded determination to improve quality of life has made us a global leader in technology for wearable human bionics, which enhance or replace parts of the human body.

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

  • €1.003 million turnover in 2019
  • Over 8,000 employees in almost 60 countries across the world
  • More than 340 company-operated patient care centres
  • Global market leader in prosthetics
Professor Hans Georg Näder, President of the Executive Board for Otto Bock Holding GmbH & Co. KG, and Marcus Brennecke from EQT jointly announce their future collaboration.
Marcus Brennecke from EQT and Professor Hans Georg Näder, President of the Executive Board for Näder Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

Family-owned, with a strong market position

We are a modern, family-owned company which combines a love of progress with values we truly live by. More than 8,000 employees work for Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA and generate a turnover totaling a little over €1 billion.

Eighty per cent of Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA is owned by Näder Holding GmbH & Co. KG. This is the sole property of the owner family, the Näders, and therefore the direct descendants of Otto Bock, the company founder.

Backed by the right investor

In 2017 Swedish private equity firm EQT acquired a 20 per cent share in Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA. EQT helps us continue to grow in a sustainable and profitable manner. This will let us enhance our edge in the digitalisation of orthopaedic technology and tap into our full potential.

“Our strong performance in 2019 confirms that we’re on the right course for our future as a global leader for technology, offering top-notch devices and treatment. A whole century has passed since the company was founded by my grandfather, Otto Bock, but the company’s guiding principle has remained unchanged: quality of life and mobility for people with disabilities.”

Professor Hans Georg Näder, Chairman of the Board

Products and services from Ottobock

A father wearing a Genium X3 lifts his son onto a swing.


Since the day Ottobock was founded, our prostheses have continued to raise the bar by setting new, improved standards for treating people with disabilities. Today, we are a global market leader at the forefront of technology for exo-prosthetics.
A user practises taking different types of steps with an L300 Go orthosis.


Our ortheses – devices such as supports or bars which help to stabilise, relieve and immobilise or which align limbs or the torso – are used support treatment for people around the globe. For example, our paralysis orthoses can help restore mobility for people with partial paralysis of the legs.
Three young men, one of whom is in a wheelchair, are at the edge of a lake looking at something in the distance.

Human Mobility

Our portfolio in this segment ranges from manual and power wheelchairs through to rehabilitation products such as standing aids and cushions. Most of our wheelchairs are manufactured at our Königsee site in Thuringia. However, we’re also opening further production sites around the world.
An Ottobock employee is sitting in front of a woman who is touching her right hand with her left arm prosthesis

Patient Care

Thanks to more than 340 patient care centres, we’re close to people around the entire world. In addition, Ottobock helps to continually optimise processes in orthopaedic technology workshops based on modern services for high-quality patient care and professional workshop management.
A woman working in automobile production performs an overhead task while wearing a Paexo exoskeleton to relieve strain on her back.

Bionic Exoskeletons

In 2018 we began to channel the biomechanical expertise we’ve gained from working in orthopaedic technology for more than 100 years into a new business segment. Exoskeletons developed by Ottobock now support people who engage in physically demanding tasks at work. These can be used to prevent undue physical strain in a wide range of fields, from the automobile industry through to smartphone production.
More about Bionic Exoskeletons

Closed loop for optimum treatment

We take a holistic approach to treatment so people can enjoy the best possible quality of life. From the initial consultation through to taking measurements, fitting the device and rehabilitation – we offer guidance and support, and develop custom solutions.

In our Ottobock Academy we also offer basic and advanced training programmes for orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology. The Academy’s extensive programme is designed for the different groups of professionals who are involved in the treatment process. In cooperation with the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen, the University of Göttingen and other partners, Ottobock has developed courses of study in the fields of orthobionics and healthcare technology.