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Dionys, Department Manager Production Socket Technologies

As a department manager in production, Dionys is responsible for the Socket Technologies segment. Dionys has taken the opportunity to develop his skills via a second educational path and has thus gradually grown into the role of department manager. He is also involved in development projects and has the opportunity to play an active role in shaping relevant topics. Dionys has been part of the Ottobock team for more than 20 years and can tell of many great moments, both with colleagues and with users. Dionys has particularly fond memories of a meeting with a user who told him that he could ride his bike and play soccer again thanks to the product that was developed and produced in Dionys' team.

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"And I really had tears in my eyes when the user said he could ride his bike and play soccer again now." (Dionys)

Marlen, orthopedic technician

Marlen first came into contact with the profession of orthopedic technician when her father had an accident at work and needed an orthosis. In the meantime, Marlen has earned her master's degree, is the mother of two children and works as an orthopedic technician in patient care. Her daily routine is very individual, as she always has to adjust to the needs of the users. For Marlen, it is always very special when users re-motivate themselves after difficult phases and start walking.

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Philipp, Head of Global Digital Marketing Activation

Philipp chose Ottobock as his employer because it is an emotional brand that gives people back their quality of life and literally moves people. What Philipp particularly enjoys about his work is bringing experts together in his team and within projects, and thus moving the Ottobock brand forward in the digital world. In addition to his role as Head of Global Digital Marketing Activation, Philipp is a part-time lecturer at university. Both in his work at Ottobock and at the university, open exchange with colleagues and students is very important to Philipp.

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"The best part of my daily work is the teamwork with my colleagues."(Philipp)

Fernando, After Sales Coordinator Bionic Exoskeletons

Fernando lives and works in Duderstadt. After a year abroad, he decided to join Ottobock and now works as an after-sales coordinator in the Bionic Exoskeletons division. One of his tasks is to develop service concepts - for example, for the Paexo Back. This is a product that relieves pressure on the lower back and is used, for example, by employees in logistics. Fernando's responsibilities also include the coordination of processes and the organization of certification days. He is always thrilled when customers try out the Paexo products for the first time and the corners of their mouths go up because they are so surprised by the enormous relief.

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Thomas, Deputy Head of the Logistics Centre

Although he originally didn't want to work in this area and initially studied media economics, Thomas has been working in the logistics area for 10 years. He likes the variety between the operational business and the strategic topics and also the cooperation with suppliers and customers within projects. There is no typical daily routine at Thomas. As a rule, he has a plan for the day - but this is discarded after an hour at the latest. Here it is important to be spontaneous and to find creative solutions together with your colleagues.

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"We're not developing anything here, but products that actually help people." (Erik)

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