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Ottobock trains O&P professionals in Turkey

Image Training (Earthquakes)

Friday, 14 April 2023

As in the Ukraine, the demand for medical technology devices is currently particularly high in Turkey – but there is a lack of specialists to fit the victims with prostheses and orthoses on site as quickly as possible. In Ottobock training sessions, participants learn important tools for providing assistance, especially in crisis regions.

While the second training course for Ukrainian technicians in Duderstadt has already been completed, the training course in Istanbul is about to start: From 17 to 20 April, O&P professionals Uli Maier and Leon Fiolka will share their expertise in digital fitting solutions with twelve participants. The focus is on the MyFit TT software for fast and efficient 3D socket fabrication.

A film team from the international news agency Reuters accompanied the Ukrainian technicians and their patients during their training sessions at Ottobock's Duderstadt headquarters. The article can be seen on the online portals of Spiegel, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Stern and the FAZ.


Image Training (Earthquakes)

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