Cockpit app

The app for Ottobock prostheses and orthoses

The Cockpit app helps you easily adjust Ottobock’s various electronic prostheses and orthoses to your individual needs in day-to-day life using your smartphone. Depending on the range of functions of the component you can, for example, select preconfigured MyModes for specific activities, read information such as the charge level, switch additional functions on or off and adjust settings.

Beispiele der Funktionen der Cockpit App wie individuell voreingestellte MyModes und einstellbare Parameter.

Functions of the Cockpit app

Examples of the functions of the Cockpit app such as the individually set MyModes and configurable parameters.

  • Switch easily between basic mode and individual MyModes
  • Read the charge level of a component’s battery
  • Display feedback from the component and fine-tune parameters
  • Switch additional component functions on or off

FAQs on the Cockpit app

How can the app language be changed?

The app language and individual names for MyModes are set by the O&P professional through the component.

What are the minimum requirements for mobile devices to be able to use the app?

Android: mobile devices with Bluetooth 2.1 or higher and Android operating system version 5.0 or higher.

Apple: iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® with Bluetooth 4.0 LE or higher and iOS operating system version 10.0 or higher (e.g. iPhone 5 or later models).

Which mobile devices are compatible with the Cockpit app?

In general, the app should work on current mobile devices produced in the last five years with Android or iOS (Apple) operating system.

Ottobock is testing the Cockpit app and the connection with components with a variety of mobile devices from different manufacturers that are frequently used around the world. Since there may be differences in the hardware and software of mobile devices depending on the model, date of manufacture, country or mobile network operator, we cannot guarantee that the app will be compatible with all available mobile devices. Please also note the information regarding the compatibility of our components with Apple devices.

Which components are compatible with the Android version of the Cockpit app?

The following components are compatible with the Android version of the Cockpit app. You will find the version number of the component on the cover page of the instructions for use:

- C-Leg (3C98-3*; 3C88-3*)

- Genium (3B1-2; 3B1-2=ST; 3B1-2=9.2; 3B1-2=ST-9.2; 3B1-3; 3B1-3=ST)¹

- Genium X3 (3B5-2; 3B5-2=ST; 3B5-3; 3B5-3=ST)¹

- Kenevo (3C60*; 3C60=ST*)²

- Meridium (1B1; 1B1-2)

- C-Brace Joint Unit (17KO1)

¹In the case of the Genium and Genium X3 produced before mid-2015, the component may still need to be updated by Ottobock service branches.

²In the case of the Kenevo produced before May 2021, the component may still need to be updated by Ottobock service branches.

Is my component also compatible with Apple devices?

Components that are compatible with Apple mobile devices are specially marked, usually with the word “DUAL”. See the instructions in the downloads on this page to find out which components are compatible.

Questions on the Cockpit app

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